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Follow along as the charming Ms. Coffee Bean, with the help of Letitia Parcalabescu explains AI concepts and news. Here are some of our favourites:

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Featured events

☕⚔️🍵 We had a pair-AMA session with Sanyam Bhutani Sanyam Bhutani hosted by Weights & Biases's Head of Data Science, Dr. Bryan Bischof. We talked about educational content, videos in ML and about the AI and ML community in general. Check it out! 👇

☕ We had a conversation about AI (mis)conceptions at EAVI - Media Literacy for Citizenship. Check out the textual summary or the recording. 👇

☕ Letitia Parcalabescu and Ms. Coffee Bean co-hosting the 44th and 57th episodes of the Machine Learning Street Talk YT channel and podcast.

☕ Guest of the 12th episode of the ML Engineered Podcast Why Multi-Modality is the Future of Machine Learning with Letitia Parcalabescu (University of Heidelberg, AI Coffee Break)

Our epic origin story:

During the Corona pandemic I had to do online-teaching, so I learned a lot about recording videos and editing. With my new skill, I am determined to start a YouTube Channel about recent and relevant Artificial Intelligence papers and topics. And Ms. Coffee Bean is kind enough to help me with my videos!

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